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Previously featured films, organized by title

8 Heads In A Duffel Bag (1997) starring Todd Louiso and David Spade
A Clockwork Orange (1971) starring Malcolm McDowell
A Dark Foe (2020) starring Oscar Cardenas
A Lonely Place To Die (2011) starring Sean Harris
A Love To Hide (2005) starring Jérémie Renier
Aadmi (1993) starring Mithun Chakraborty
The Abductors (1972) starring Richard Smedley and unknown
Action Jackson (1988) starring Carl Weathers
Active Stealth (1999) starring Daniel Baldwin and Fred Williamson
Addio Fratello Crudele (1971) starring Fabio Testi
Alexander The Great (1956) starring Rubén Rojo
American Ninja 4 (1990) starring David Bradley, Dwayne Alexandre, and unknowns
A Minute To Pray A Second To Die (1968) starring Alex Cord and unknown
An American Werewolf In Paris (1997) starring Phil Buckman
Anatomy (2000) starring Sebastian Blomberg
Armed Response (1986) starring Brent Huff
Asylum Blackout (2011) starring Rupert Evans and Joseph Kennedy
Atlantis The Lost Continent (1961) starring Sal Ponti and unknowns
Bait (2000) starring Jamie Foxx
Balkan Runner (1994) starring Stéphane Ferrara
Bedrooms and Hallways (1998) starring Tom Hollander
The Big Bounce (2004) starring Owen Wilson
Big City Blues (1999) starring Burt Reynolds
The Black Swan (1942) starring Tyrone Power
Blade: Trinity (2004) starring Ryan Reynolds
Blood Dolls (1999) starring Warren Draper
Blood Sport III (1996) starring Daniel Bernhardt
Blood Sport 4 (1999) starring Daniel Bernhardt
Body Chemistry (1990) starring Marc Singer
Body Shots (1999) starring Ron Livingston
Born American (1985) starring Mike Norris, Steve Durham, and David Coburn
The Bounty (1984) starring Liam Neeson, Neil Morrissey, and unknowns
Boxcar Bertha (1972) starring David Carradine
Bridge Of Dragons (1999) starring Dolph Lundgren
Bull Durham (1988) starring Tim Robbins
Cannibal Hookers (1987) starring Drew Goderis, Ron McGonigle, Matt Borlenghi, Tommy Carrano, and Richard Liberty
Captive State (2019) starring Jonathan Majors
Casino Royale (2006) starring Daniel Craig
Charlie (2004) starring Bruce Young, Grant Swanby, and Adam Ross
Chuka (1967) starring Michael Cole
Cold Harvest (1998) starring Gary Daniels
Cold Steel (1987) starring Brad Davis
Colonia (2015) starring Daniel Brühl and unknown
Con Games (2001) starring Tommy Lee Thomas and Ross Nolan
The Count Of Monte Cristo (2002) starring Jim Caviezel
Curse Of The Puppet Master (1998) starring Josh Green
Cyborg (1989) starring Jean-Claude Van Damme
Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer (1956) starring Bruce Bennett and Fred Kohler Jr.
Day Of The Evil Gun (1968) starring Glenn Ford and Arthur Kennedy
Daybreak (1993) starring Cuba Gooding Jr.
Dead Man's Walk (1996) starring Jonny Lee Miller
DeathSport (1978) starring David Carradine
Deathstalker II (1987) starring John Terlesky
Deathstalker IV (1990) starring Rick Hill
Devil's Possessed (1974) starring José Luis Chinchilla, Guillermo Bredeston, and unknown
Django, Kill! (1967) starring Tomas Milian
Dredd (2012) starring unknowns
The Evil That Men Do (1984) starring Jorge Zepeda
Excessive Force (1993) starring Tom Hodges
Expert Weapon (1993) starring Ian Jacklin
The Eye of the Serpent (1994) starring Chuck Mavich
Fear Pharm (2020) starring Houston Stevenson
The Firing Line (1991) starring Reb Brown
First Blood II (1982) starring Sylevster Stallone and Don Collins
Flash Gordon (1980) starring Sam Jones
Fled (1996) starring Stephen Baldwin
Fleshburn (1984) starring Steve Kanaly
Flypaper (1997) starring John C. McGinley
For The Term Of His Natural Life (1983) starring Colin Friels and Glynn Nicholas
Fortress (1992) starring Christopher Lambert
Fortress 2 (1999) starring Christopher Lambert and Willie Garson
Ghayal (1999) starring Sunny Deol, Raj Babbar, and unknowns
The Giant Of Metropolis (1961) staring Gordon Mitchell
Ginger (1971) staring Calvin Culver
The Girl From S.I.N. (1966) staring Sam Stewart
Girls Are For Loving (1973) staring Scott Ellsworth, Anthony C. Cannon, and unknowns
Glam (2001) starring Frank Whaley
Gold of the Seven Saints (1961) starring Roger Moore and Chill Wills
Head of the Family (1996) starring Blake Bailey
Heaven's Burning (1997) starring Russell Crowe
Hell Comes To Frogtown (1988) starring Roddy Piper
Hercules Against The Moon Men (1964) starring Alan Steel and unknowns
Hercules In The Haunted World (1961) starring George Ardisson and Franco Giacobini
Hollow Man (2000) starring Kevin Bacon
Hondo And The Apaches (1967) starring Ralph Taeger and Victor Lundin
Hostel (2005) starring Derek Richardson
Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) starring Liam Hemsworth
I Cento Cavalieri (1964) starring Mark Damon and unknowns
The Ice Pirates (1984) starring Robert Urich, Michael D. Roberts, and Sander Johnson
The Indian Tomb (1959) starring Walter Reyer
Ilsa She Wolf Of The SS (1975) starring unknown
The Island of Dr Moreau (1977) starring Michael York
Ivanhoe (1997) starring Steven Waddington
Jaag Utha Insan (1984) starring Mithun Chakraborty
Jane And The Lost City (1987) starring Sam Jones
Jill the Ripper (2000) starring Dolph Lundgren
Jill the Ripper (2000) starring unknowns
Jungle Holocaust (1977) starring Massimo Foschi
Kickboxer 4 (1994) starring Brad Thornton and Sasha Mitchell
Killer Instinct (2000) starring Joakim Alvarez
Kull The Conqueror (1997) starring Kevin Sorbo and Litefoot
The Landlady (1998) starring Jack Coleman
The Last King Of Scotland (2006) starring James McAvoy and unknowns
Last Stand (1999) starring Josh Barker
Last To Surrender (1999) starring Ong Soo Han
The Legend Of Bhagat Singh (2002) starring Ajay Devgan and unknowns
Lethal Weapon (1987) starring Mel Gibson
Lillies (1996) starring Jason Cadieux
Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (1998) starring Bal Jusar
Main Khiladi Tu Anari (1994) starring Akshay Kumar
Man From Deep River (1972) starring Ivan Rassimov
Manhunt (1985) starring Ethan Wayne
The Mask of Fu Manchu (1932) starring Charles Starrett
Mixed Blood (1985) starring Pedro Sanchez
The Message (1976) starring Garrick Hagon, Johnny Sekka, and unknowns
Midnight Express (1978) starring Brad Davis
A Minute to Pray, A Second To Die (1968) starring Alex Cord and Renato Romano
Mirror Mirror (2012) starring Armie Hammer and Robert Emms
Missing in Action 3 (1988) starring Chuck Norris
Moses (1975) starring Aharon Ipalé, Anthony Quayle, and unknowns
Netherworld (1992) starring Michael Bendetti
Nevada Smith (1966) starring Arthur Kennedy
New Gladiators (1984) starring Jared Martin, Fred Williamson, Haruiko Yamanouchi, and Al Cliver
The New World (2005) starring Colin Farrell
Nightmare On Elm Street 2 (1985) starring Marshall Bell
No Escape (1994) starring David Argue
Of Love And Shadows (1994) starring Camilo Gallardo
One Man's Hero (1999) starring Tom Berenger, Don Wycherley, Ilia Volokh, Wolf Muser, Luke Hayden, and Gredd Fitzgerald
Pagan Island (1960) starring Edward Dew
Peligrosa Obsesión (2004) starring Pablo Echarri
Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer (2006) starring Ben Whishaw
Predator 2 (1990) starring Corey Rand
The President's Man (2000) starring Dylan Neal
The Princess Bride (1987) starring Cary Elwes
The Prodigal (1955) starring Edmund Purdom
Proteus (2003) starring Rouxnet Brown, Neil Sandilands, and unknowns
Rendition (2007) starring Omar Metwally and Najib Oudghiri
Romolo e Remo (1961) starring Steve Reeves and unknowns
Run Man Run (1968) starring Tomas Milian
Saw 2 (2005) starring Noam Jerkins
Saw 3 (2006) starring starring J. LaRose and Mpho Koaho
Saw 5 (2008) starring starring Joris Jarsky
Sebastiane (1976) starring Leonardo Treviglio
The Serpent And The Rainbow (1988) starring Bill Pullman
Shalako (1968) starring Walter Brown
Sherlock Holmes (2009) starring Robert Downey Jr.
Showdown In Little Tokyo (1991) starring Dolph Lundgren and Brandon Lee
Sin City (2005) starring Jeff Schwan and Bruce Willis
Sky High (1985) starring Daniel Hirsch
Smokin' Aces (2006) starring unknowns
Something Wild (1986) starring Jeff Daniels
Space Truckers (1996) starring Stephen Dorff and Dennis Hopper
Spartacus (2004) starring Goran Visnjic, James Frain, and unknowns
Starship Troopers (1997) starring Casper Van Dien
State Of Siege (1972) starring unknowns
The Substitute: Failure Is Not An Option (2001) starring Grayson Fricke
Subterfuge (1998) starring Matt McColm
Summer Lovers (1982) starring Peter Gallagher
Sundance Cassidy And Butch The Kid (1969) starring Giuliano Gemma and Nino Benvenuti
Sunshine (1999) starring Ralph Fiennes
The Sword and the Sorcerer (1982) starring Simon MacCorkindale and Lee Horsley
Sword of the Valiant (1984) starring Miles O'Keeffe
Syriana (2005) starring George Clooney
Tarzan and the Trappers (1958) starring Gordon Scott and Sherman Crothers
Teenage Caveman (2002) starring Andrew Keegan
The Ten Commandments (1956) starring John Derek and Charlton Heston
The Thief Of Bagdad (1940) starring John Justin
Timbuktu (1958) starring James Foxx and Victor Mature
Timelock (1996) starring Arye Gross, Jeffrey Meek, Ricco Ross, Joey Dedio, and unknowns
Titus (1999) starring Raz Degan, Harry J. Lennix, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Matthew Rhys, Kenny Doughty, and Colin Wells
Tomcats (2003) starring Jerry O'Connell and Jake Busey
Tuareg: The Dessert Warrior (1984) starring Mark Harmon
Underworld (2003) starring Sandor Boros and Janos Olah
Unthinkable (2010) starring Michael Sheen
Valentine (2001) starring Woody Jeffreys
Van Helsing (2004) starring Will Kemp
Virtual Sexuality (1999) starring Rupert Penry-Jones
Viva Maria (1965) starring George Hamilton
Waqt Hamara Hai (1993) starring Akshay Kumar
Warlock III (1999) starring Richard C. Hearst
The White Warrior (1959) starring Steve Reeves and Milivoje Popovic-Mavid
The Witch's Curse (1962) starring Remo De Angelis
xXx (2002) starring Vin Diesel
Youngblood (1986) starring Rob Lowe

Previously featured TV shows, organized by series and broadcast date

24 Season 2: 2 a.m. - 3 a.m. (2003) starring Keifer Sutherland
24 Season 2: 3 a.m. - 4 a.m. (2003) starring Keifer Sutherland
Air America: Engraved Danger (1998) starring Lorenzo Lamas and Scott Plank
Alien Tracker: Pilot Episode (2001) starring Paul Hopkins and Adrian Paul
Andromeda: Forced Perspective (2001) starring Kevin Sorbo
BeastMaster: Obsession (1999) starring Daniel Goddard and Keith Hamilton Cobb
BeastMaster: The Island (1999) starring Daniel Goddard
BeastMaster: A Simple Truth (1999) starring unknowns
BeastMaster: The Umpatra (1999) starring Daniel Goddard
BeastMaster: The Last Unicorns (1999) starring Daniel Goddard and Jackson Raine
BeastMaster: Riddle of the Nymph (1999) starring Daniel Goddard
BeastMaster: A Devil's Deal (1999) starring Daniel Goddard
BeastMaster: The Golden Phoenix (1999) starring Daniel Goddard
BeastMaster: Gemini (1999) starring Daniel Goddard and unknown
BeastMaster: Rescue (1999) starring Jackson Raine
BeastMaster: Xinca (2000) starring Jackson Raine
BeastMaster: Golgotha (2000) starring Daniel Goddard
BeastMaster: Tao's Brother (2000) starring Steve Bacic and Daniel Goddard
BeastMaster: A Terrible Silence (2000) starring unknown, Daniel Goddard, and Jackson Raine
BeastMaster: Game Of Death (2000) starring Daniel Goddard, Jackson Raine, Christopher Morris, and unknown
BeastMaster: Legend Reborn (2001) starring Daniel Goddard
BeastMaster: Chosen One (2001) starring Daniel Goddard and Jackson Raine
BeastMaster: Tiger Tiger (2001) starring Daniel Goddard
BeastMaster: Slayer's Return (2001) starring Daniel Goddard
BeastMaster: Serpent's Kiss (2001) starring Jackson Raine
BeastMaster: Turned To Stone (2001) starring Daniel Goddard
BeastMaster: The Alliance (2001) starring Daniel Goddard
BeastMaster: The Devil You Know (2001) starring Daniel Goddard and Steven Grives
BeastMaster: Rites Of Passage (2001) starring unknown
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Planet of the Amazon Women (1979) starring Gil Gerard and unknowns
Carnivale: Ingram, TX (2005) starring Nick Stahl
Carnivale: Lincoln Highway (2005) starring Tim DeKay
Conan: The Heart Of The Elephant Part I (1997) starring Ralf Moeller
Conan: Lair Of The Beastmen (1997) starring Ralf Moeller
Conan: Heir Apparent (1997) starring Ralf Moeller, Danny Woodburn, Robert McRay, and Andrew Craig
Conan: The Siege Of Ahl Sohn-Bar (1997) starring T.J. Storm and Robert McRay
Conan: A Friend In Need (1997) starring T.J. Storm, Robert McRay, and Danny Woodburn
Conan: The Ruby Fruit Forest (1997) starring Ralf Moeller, T.J. Storm, and Robert McRay
Conan: The Three Virgins (1997) starring Ralf Moeller and Robert McRay
Conan: The Labyrinth (1997) starring Robert McRay
Conan: Ramsom (1997) starring Robert McRay
Conan: Amazon Woman (1997) starring Brian Cousins
Conan: Shadows of Death (1997) starring T.J. Storm and Robert McRay
Conan: Homecoming (1997) starring T.J. Storm
Conan: Impostor (1997) starring Ralf Moeller
Conan: The Curse of Afka (1997) starring Ralf Moeller
Conan: The Child (1997) starring Ralf Moeller, Danny Woodburn, Robert McRay, and T.J. Storm
Cracker: Pilot Episode (1997) starring Paul Perri and Josh Hartnett
The Dakotas: Mutiny at Fort Mercy (1963) starring Chad Everett, Hal Baylor, and Stewart Bradley
The Dakotas: Justice At Eagle's Nest (1963) starring Lawrence Mann
The Dakotas: Terror At Heart River (1963) starring Sean McClory
Dante's Cove: In The Beginning (2005) starring William Gregory Lee and Myron Natwick
Dante's Cove: Then There Was Darkness (2005) starring Gregory Michael and Josh Berresford
Dante's Cove: Playing With Fire (2006) starring William Gregory Lee and Myron Natwick
Firefly: The Train Job (2002) starring unknown
Firefly: War Stories (2002) starring Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, and Johnny Shakespeare
Heroes: Collision (2006) starring Greg Grunberg
Heroes: The Fix (2006) starring Zachary Quinto
I Spy: Room With a Rack (1967) starring Robert Culp
The Jewel In The Crown (1984) starring Art Malik
Mutant X: Nothing To Fear (2002) starring Victor Webster
Narcos: The Palace In Flames (2015) starring unknown
Narcos: There Will Be A Future (2015) starring Salvador del Solar
Narcos Mexico: Last Dance (2021) starring Lorenzo Ferro
SilkStalkings: Bad Blood (1992) starring Paul Scherrer
Six Feet Under: The Trip (2001) starring Michael C. Hall
Six Feet Under: Can I Come Up Now? (2004) starring Justin Theroux
Star Trek: The Empath (1968) starring William Shatner
Taken: Jacob and Jesse (2002) starring Steve Burton
Wire In The Blood: The Mermaids Singing, part 1 (2002) starring Richard Frame
Wire In The Blood: The Mermaids Singing, part 2 (2002) starring Robson Green
Wonder Woman: Spaced Out (1979) starring Ken Wilson