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Chained Muscle

This site has primarily digitally manipulated photos to make the models look like they are being restrained and tortured. It also contains erotic stories about male bondage and torture. In addition to that, it has one of the very best archives of pictures of male bondage scenes from mainstream movies. It currently has more than 10,000 images. It also has small movie clips of some of the movie bondage and torture scenes. You can find there many of the screenshots I previously posted here.

Dudecaps Forum

Forum or message board where members talk about scenes in mainstream movies that feature male bondage. It's a good compliment to my site.

Gay Bondage Fiction

This site is also like Chained Muscle: it has stories and digitally altered images of men being restrained and tortured. Plus it has movie clips of bondage and torture scenes. I believe there is room for more than one site like that.

Guys in Trouble

Mike used to have this website a long time ago. He discontinued it, and went back to updating it later. I'm glad he came back to his old love. I did the same too. It has a permanent collection of screen captures of male bondage scenes from movies and TV shows.

Other Sites


Many photos and fiction about bondage, torture, and torture devices. There is a lot of nudity and sexual themes on this site.


Photos of hot men showing off their armpits. Photos are taken by me.